Migration from Joomla to WordPress succesfully done!

Last week I finally finished the migration from my old 1.0.15 Joomla installation to the new shiny 3.2.1 WordPress. I had in mind to migrate to the new 1.5.X Joomla series but there was not an easy one-click upgrade tool as there was so many core differences between version and some manual work had to be done. That was the reason to study other options.

Finally I decided to move on with WordPress and with the help of Misterpah‘s Mambo Importer plug-in at least half of the work was already done. 🙂 Although some manual work has to be done (recreating path’s, images, etc) 🙁

Special thanks to Misterpah for sharing his knowledge and time!

P.S.: Starting from today all (or at least almost) news posts/pages will be written in English.