My first puppet module released juasiepo-knockd

Today I have released to the public my first puppet module:

It installs and configures knockd (a port knocking software).
It is very easy to use as it already has some default values making it working properly out-of-the box.

It is enough including the module in your configuration (nodes.pp or ENC)

  1. include knockd

Also default values can be overriden:

  1. class { 'knockd':
  2.   sequence_open => '4000:udp,4000:tcp,4000:udp',
  3.   sequence_close => '4001:tcp,4001:udp,4001:tcp',
  4.   port_to_manage => '22',
  5. }

In this case, knockd will open the 22 port when the server receives the 4000:udp,4000:tcp,4000:udp sequence and close it when receives 4001:tcp,4001:udp,4001:tcp

It also install a port knocker client

To open the port:

  1. knock hostname 4000:udp 4000:tcp ,4000:udp

To close the port:

  1. knock hostname 4001:tcp 4001:udp 4001:tcp



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